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With a 1:4 ratio, we keep it small and special. Our infant room is tailored for ages 6weeks-18months. Here some of the most beautiful milestones happen, beginning language, movement and building meaningful connections with caregivers. The consistent awareness and focus on your baby is the goal, to develop a sleeping and eating pattern, and to learn the basics of being a precious member of society. The natural light and child-height windows bring the warmth from the sun, and the close sight of the outside world all day long. We provide the crib sheet, you provide the bottles, diapers, wipes and food you’d like us to serve for the first year. We strongly support baby led weaning.

Programs: Curious Clementines


 1:4 teacher to child ratio We provide the nap sheets, water bottles, and sunscreen.

Created for play- the Tenacious Tangerine room is focused on the very tenacious ages 1-2 years. Here we are exploring sensory experiences, engaging in pretend play, grooving to music and sounds, and socializing by learning to play alongside others. Coming soon our 2-3 Year old room The Navigating Navels! This room is geared for early preschool learners. Potty training, social skill building and fine motor skills and of course dance parties happen here! 

Programs: Tenacious Tangerines


Our final room is the Valiant Valencias 1:10 ratio. The preschool aged kiddos are provided with plenty of space to play and explore, and a focus on kindergarten readiness. They will pretend in the dramatic play center, create a one of a kind art project at the “creation station”, learn more about rhythm, sounds and music. We focus on social skills as well as emotional expression and problem solving skills. Block building engineering, science experiments, cooking projects and lasting friendships will be made. Your child will gain the tools to begin to read and write, speak up for themselves, and create opinions, with a sense of self confidence. 

Programs: Valiant Valencias

Breakfast 8:30 AM
Lunch 11:30 AM
PM Snack 2:30 PM

Our meal program is planned by our food-lovin' owners, overseen by a nutritionist, and is kid tasted and approved. Our goal is to serve whole food-based meals with most, or all organic food first. If not available or in season, we then use frozen, and canned goods. Our menus contain a variety of fruits, vegetables, and grains to create dishes from around the world, and of course include kid favorites. Healthy eating does not have to be boring, in fact, the more variety, the healthier and more adventurous your child will be. The less processed, the better. The more homemade, the more delicious. When children eat together, they learn together. 

Programs: Yummy in your tummy
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