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We are a school that celebrates! We allow treats to be brought in for sharing birthdays, and celebrate the gift of another year of life. Every spring we celebrate our graduates with a ceremony to send our preschoolers off to kindergarten. Throughout the year we host many events and gatherings to support our relationships. Plenty of notice will be given and we understand not everyone will be able to attend them all, but we aim to host opportunities for fellowship. 

Your tuition first goes to securing quality products for our food program. The staff wages, operating expenses, and learning materials/supplies are also included. This is a small business, not a corporate money making scheme. Please contact the center for current rates and availability as rates vary with each age group. Sibling and staff children discounts available. Few CCAP slots accepted. Tuition secures our staff, not your attendance. Please keep in mind if your child is ill or your family is on vacation/ absent, your tuition is still expected to be paid. For the upcoming Universal Colorado Preschool program please apply on the UPK site. Team Toddler will accept only extended day applicants. Your free 15hrs/week will be a credit towards your full day tuition. This program is for children ages 4+ or the year before they enter kindergarten.

We have a health consultant that visits regularly, and is on call at all times as well as delegated staff to support your child's medical needs. Depending on our resources to adequately support your child, we will address each child's developmental delays or challenging behaviors on a case by case basis. Safety is our number one priority and is the key factor in all decisions made for Team Toddler. Mental health is also extremely important to us here, so we encourage any form of therapy/counselling, and have tons of resources to support not just your child, but your entire family.

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